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Recent History

    HP Pavilion DV7-2000 CQ71 17.3 LED Screen 501800-001
    • Item:N173O6-L02-2
    • Item Name:HP Pavilion DV7-2000 CQ71 17.3 LED Screen 501800-001
    • List Price:$642.84
    • Price:$74.99
    • Weight:1.50KG/Unit
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    HP Pavilion DV7-2000, Compaq Presario CQ71 17.3-inch BrightView LED display panel ONLY! Glossy LED WXGA++ Screen N173O6-L02 Rev.C1
    Connector is on the left side as depicted in the picture.

    General Information
    Part NumberN173O6-L02
    Alternative Part Numbers501800-001
    ManufacturerChi Mei
    ResolutionWXGA++ (HD+)
    Number of Pixels1,600 x 900
    Active Area (mm?382.08 x 214.92
    Interface3.3V LVDS
    Outline Dimension (mm)386.88 x 218.32 x 5.8


    HP Pavilion dv7-2000 Entertainment Series:Pavilion dv7-2001et, dv7-2005el, dv7-2005eo, dv7-2010eb, dv7-2010eo, dv7-2010es, dv7-2010ev, dv7-2011eg, dv7-2015ef, dv7-2015eg, dv7-2015eo, dv7-2015es, dv7-2017eg, dv7-2020eb, dv7-2020ef, dv7-2020ek, dv7-2020eo, dv7-2020es, dv7-2020ev, dv7-2022eg, dv7-2023eg, dv7-2025ef, dv7-2025eg, dv7-2025eo, dv7-2025es, dv7-2027eo, dv7-2030ea, dv7-2030eb, dv7-2030ef, dv7-2030eo, dv7-2030er, dv7-2030es, dv7-2030ev, dv7-2030sf, dv7-2033ef, dv7-2033eg, dv7-2033sf, dv7-2034eg, dv7-2035ef, dv7-2035eg, dv7-2035eo, dv7-2035es, dv7-2035ez, dv7-2036eg, dv7-2037ef, dv7-2037eg, dv7-2037ez, dv7-2040eb, dv7-2040ed, dv7-2040ef, dv7-2040ek, dv7-2040eo, dv7-2040sf, dv7-2045ea, dv7-2045eo, dv7-2045ez, dv7-2046eg, dv7-2050ea, dv7-2050ed, dv7-2050ef, dv7-2050ei, dv7-2050eo, dv7-2050es, dv7-2050ev, dv7-2051et, dv7-2055eo, dv7-2055ez, dv7-2057eo, dv7-2058eo, dv7-2060ed, dv7-2060eg, dv7-2060en, dv7-2060eo, dv7-2060ez, dv7-2065ef, dv7-2065eg, dv7-2065eo, dv7-2070ea, dv7-2070ed, dv7-2070eg, dv7-2070eo, dv7-2075eo, dv7-2080ec, dv7-2080ed, dv7-2080eg, dv7-2080el, dv7-2080en, dv7-2080eo, dv7-2080ep, dv7-2085eo, dv7-2090ec, dv7-2090eg, dv7-2090eh, dv7-2090eo, dv7-2090eq, dv7-2092eo, dv7-2110ea, dv7-2110eb, dv7-2110eg, dv7-2110er, dv7-2110sa, dv7-2110sf, dv7-2110sl, dv7-2110sr, dv7-2110ss, dv7-2112eo, dv7-2115eg, dv7-2115eo, dv7-2115es, dv7-2115sf, dv7-2117ef, dv7-2118sf, dv7-2120ed, dv7-2120ef, dv7-2120eg, dv7-2120er, dv7-2120sa, dv7-2120sb, dv7-2120sf, dv7-2120sn, dv7-2120so, dv7-2120ss, dv7-2121eo, dv7-2122eo, dv7-2126eo, dv7-2127sf, dv7-2128eo, dv7-2130eg, dv7-2130sb, dv7-2130sd, dv7-2130sf, dv7-2135eo, dv7-2135sf, dv7-2138ef, dv7-2138sf, dv7-2140eb, dv7-2140ed, dv7-2140eg, dv7-2140eo, dv7-2143ef, dv7-2150eg, dv7-2150ek, dv7-2150ep, dv7-2150es, dv7-2155sw, dv7-2160ed, dv7-2160ef, dv7-2165ef, dv7-2170eb, dv7-2170ed, dv7-2170ef, dv7-2170ek, dv7-2170el, dv7-2170ep, dv7-2180ec, dv7-2180ed, dv7-2180eg, dv7-2180el, dv7-2180es, dv7-2190sh, NP824EA, NW674EA, NW674EAR, NW670EA, NW670EAR, NS481EA, NS481EAR, NT373EA, NL914EA, NL914EAR, VC005EA, VC005EAR, NU784EA, NT368EA, NT368EAR, NS483EA, NW669EA, NP815EA, NP815EAR, VE133EA, VE133EAR, NP817EA, NP817EAR, NL901EA, NL901EAR, NQ554EA, NQ554EAR, NT374EA, NT374EAR, VB334EA, VB334EAR, NQ552EA, NQ552EAR, NZ826EA, NZ826EAR, NZ827EA, NZ827EAR, NT367EA, NT367EAR, NL870EA, NL870EAR, NP827EA, NP827EAR, NT372EA, NT372EAR, NT378EA, NT378EAR, NT370EA, NT370EAR, NX883EA, NX883EAR, NL856EA, NL856EAR, NL908EA, NL908EAR, NL868EA, NQ565EA, NQ565EAR, NQ560EA, NQ560EAR, NS492EA, NS492EAR, NL902EA, NL902EAR, NU800EA, NU800EAR, NT371EA, NT371EAR, NZ825EA, NZ825EAR, NL857EA, NL857EAR, NL869EA, NL869EAR, VB333EA, VB333EAR, NP585EA, NP585EAR, NU787EA, NU787EAR, NZ832EA, NZ832EAR, NU795EA, NU795EAR, NZ824EA, NZ824EAR, NT369EA, NT369EAR, NP593EA, NP593EAR, NL913EA, NL913EAR, NS493EA, NS493EAR, NQ555EA, NP816EA, NP816EAR, NL858EA, NP823EA, NP823EAR, NT379EA, NT379EAR, NP594EA, NP594EAR, NX884EA, NX884EAR, NL906EA, NL906EAR, NL915EA, NL915EAR, NL859EA, NL859EAR, NP592EA, NT375EA, NT375EAR, NP581EA, NP581EAR, VC006EA, VC006EAR, NS482EA, NS482EAR, NL867EA, NL867EAR, NW667EA, VB339EA, VB339EAR, NZ829EA, NZ829EAR, NQ566EA, NQ566EAR, NT366EA, NT366EAR, NL905EA, NW671EA, NW671EAR, NQ559EA, NQ559EAR, NS494EA, NS494EAR, NW679EA, NW679EAR, NZ268EA, NZ268EAR, NL862EA, NL862EAR, NP582EA, NP582EAR, NL912EA, NL912EAR, NU791EA, NU791EAR, VB340EA, VB340EAR, NL863EA, NQ562EA, NQ562EAR, NW676EA, NP590EA, NP590EAR, NL864EA, NL864EAR, NT376EA, NT376EAR, NP584EA, NP584EAR, NW666EA, NW666EAR, NL866EA, NL910EA, NL910EAR, NS489EA, NS489EAR, NP587EA, NP587EAR, NS490EA, NS491EA, NS491EAR, NZ822EA, NZ278EA, NZ278EAR, VE144EA, VE144EAR, VE145EA, VB336EA, VB336EAR, VB341EA, VB341EAR, VE764EA, VE766EA, NZ270EA, NZ270EAR, VB343EA, VB343EAR, VE140EA, NZ277EA, NZ273EA, NZ273EAR, NZ833EA, NZ833EAR, NZ837EA, NZ837EAR, VE776EA, VE776EAR, NZ272EA, NZ272EAR, VB994EA, VB994EAR, NX881EA, NX881EAR, NZ844EA, VE773EA, VE773EAR, VE774EA, VE774EAR, VB995EA, VB995EAR, VE765EA, VE772EA, VE772EAR, VC002EA, VC002EAR, VB346EA, VB346EAR, NZ830EA, NZ830EAR, VC010EA, VC010EAR, VB342EA, VB342EAR, NZ276EA, NX882EA, NX882EAR, VE777EA, VE777EAR, VE768EA, NZ282EA, NZ282EAR, NZ838EA, NZ838EAR, VB996EA, VB996EAR, VE138EA, VE139EA, VE139EAR, NZ845EA, NZ845EAR, VB338EA, VB338EAR, VC004EA, VC004EAR, VB347EA, NZ841EA, VE769EA, VE769EAR, VE142EA, VE143EA, VE143EAR, NX885EA, NX885EAR, VE770EA, VB999EA, VB999EAR, NZ842EA, NZ842EAR, NZ840EA, NZ840EAR, VC011EA, VC011EAR, NX886EA, NX886EAR, NZ843EA, NZ843EAR, NZ847EA, VC003EA, VC003EAR, NX891EA, NZ834EA, NZ834EAR, NX889EA, NX889EAR, VB337EA, VB337EAR, NX893EA, NX893EAR, NX888EA, NX888EAR, NZ835EA
    Compaq Presario CQ71-100 Series:Presario CQ71-100EO, CQ71-105EE, CQ71-105EF, CQ71-105EO, CQ71-105SF, CQ71-110ED, CQ71-110EG, CQ71-110EL, CQ71-110EO, CQ71-110EV, CQ71-110SF, CQ71-115EF, CQ71-115SF, CQ71-120ED, CQ71-120EF, CQ71-120EG, CQ71-120EO, CQ71-125EO, CQ71-128EZ, CQ71-130EB, CQ71-130ES, CQ71-130SA, CQ71-135SA, CQ71-140EA, CQ71-140EB, CQ71-140SA, CQ71-145EZ, CQ71-150EK, CQ71-150ES, CQ71-150EW, NR545EA, NR545EAR, NL937EA, NL932EA, NL932EAR, NP603EA, NP603EAR, NL933EA, NL933EAR, NL946EA, NL946EAR, NP599EA, NR548EA, NR548EAR, NP604EA, NP604EAR, NL945EA, NL945EAR, NR560EA, NL935EA, NL935EAR, NL934EA, NP605EA, NP605EAR, NL936EA, NL936EAR, NP609EA, NP609EAR, NR528EA, NR528EAR, NR552EA, NR552EAR, NR540EA, NR540EAR, NP596EA, NP596EAR, NL944EA, NL944EAR, NR527EA, NR532EA, NP608EA, NP608EAR, NP595EA, NP595EAR, NR535EA,NR533EA, NR533EAR, NR536EA, NP597EA, NP597EAR, NR530EA, NR530EAR
    Compaq Presario CQ71-200 Series:Presario CQ71-200SB, CQ71-200SO, CQ71-203SF, CQ71-205SG, CQ71-210ED, CQ71-210EF, CQ71-210EG, CQ71-210EI, CQ71-210SA, CQ71-210SF, CQ71-210SL, CQ71-210SO, CQ71-210SR, CQ71-210SV, CQ71-215ER, CQ71-215SF, CQ71-220EG, CQ71-220EK, CQ71-220SF, CQ71-220SO, CQ71-220SS, CQ71-225SO, CQ71-229SZ, CQ71-230EB, CQ71-230ED, CQ71-230EG, CQ71-230SA, CQ71-230SW, CQ71-235SA, CQ71-240EB, CQ71-240SS, CQ71-250SB, CQ71-250SO, CQ71-260SO, VF411EA, VF411EAR, VE128EA, VE128EAR, VB313EA, VB313EAR, VE119EA, VE119EAR, NR555EA, NR555EAR, VB309EA, VB309EAR, NR546EA, NR546EAR, VF410EA, NZ940EA, NZ940EAR, NZ945EA, NZ945EAR, VE122EA, VE120EA, VE120EAR, VE130EA, VF413EA, NZ939EA, VB310EA, VB310EAR, VE126EA, VE126EAR, NZ936EA, NZ936EAR, VB312EA, VB312EAR, VE117EA, VE117EAR, NR553EA, NR553EAR, VE118EA, VE118EAR, VE131EA, VE131EAR, NR561EA, NR561EAR, NR557EA, NR557EAR, NR547EA, NR547EAR, VB314EA, VE125EA, VF409EA, VF409EAR, NZ937EA, NZ937EAR, NR556EA, NR556EAR, VF370EA, VF370EAR, VB307EA, VB307EAR, NZ942EA, NZ942EAR,

    Always check inside your laptop LCD screen assembly for the part number before replacing. Laptop LCD screens may be compatible with other laptops. Laptop Manufacturers may use more than one type of LCD screen even different brand of LCD to be installed in the same laptop model. Please check with you manufacturer to ensure compatibility.

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