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    HP G60 16 WXGA LCD Screen LTN160AT01 496769-001
    • Item:LTN160AT01-L02-2
    • Item Name:HP G60 16 WXGA LCD Screen LTN160AT01 496769-001
    • List Price:$946.08
    • Price:$199.99
    • Weight:1.50KG/Unit
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    16.0-inch WXGA BrightView display panel ONLY! - With 1366 x 768 resolution, up to 16.7M colors internal
    Does NOT Include wireless antenna transceivers and cables. OEM LCD Module only.

    General Information
    Part NumberLTN160AT01-L02
    Alternative Part Numbers496769-001, LK.16006.003
    ManufacturerSamsung/ HP Compaq
    Size16.0" Wide
    ResolutionWXGA HD 98dpi
    Number of Pixels1366 x 768
    Brightness (nit) (cd/m?220
    Contrast ratio600:1
    Aspect Ratio16:9
    Response Time8 ms
    Color Gamut60 %
    Angles of vision (U/D/L/R)45/45/20/40
    Viewable area (mm?353.5 x 198.7


    Compaq Presario CQ60-100 Series Notebooks:
    Presario CQ60-100, FS553AS, FW969LA, FY954PA, FY955PA, FY958PA, FY959PA, FY960PA, FY961PA, FY962PA, FY963PAR, FY963PA, FY964PA, FY965PA, FY966PA, FY967PAR, FY967PA, FY968PA, FY969PA, FY970PA, FY971PAR, FY971PA, FZ026PA, FZ698PA, FZ745PA, FZ755PA, FZ891PAR, FZ891PA, FW628PA, FW629PA, FW630PA, FY999PA,
    Compaq Presario CQ60-200 Series Notebooks:Presario CQ60-200, FQ076AAR, FQ076AV, FQ078AAR, FQ078AV, FZ531AV, NJ131PA, NJ191PA, NJ192PA, NJ193PA, NJ194PA, NJ124PA, NJ125PA, NJ126PA, NJ127PA, NJ184PA, NJ185PA, NJ186PA, NJ187PA, NJ188PA, NJ189PA, NJ190PA, NK868PAR, NK868PA, NK869PA, NL057PA, NL058PA, NL059PA, NL060PA, NL061PA, NL062PA, NL086PAR, NL086PA, NL087PAR, NL087PA, NL099PA, NL114PA, NT723PA, NT738PA, NZ090PA
    Compaq Presario CQ60-300 Series Notebooks:Presario CQ60-300, CQ60-301AU, CQ60-342LA, CQ60-355LA, CQ60-359LA, NU243PA, NZ103PA, NL282LA, NN144LA, NN145LA
    HP G60-100 Series Notebooks:HPG60-100, G60-120CA, G60-128CA, G60-125CA, G60-104CA, G60-101CA, FT472UAR, FT472UA, NB496UAR, NB496UA, NB498UAR, NB498UA, NB499UAR, NB499UA, NC987UAR, NC987UA
    HP G60-200 Series Notebooks:HPG60-200, FS682AAR, FS682AV, FS683AAR, FS683AV, FS684AAR, FS684AV, NB041UAR, NB041UA, NB042UAR, NB042UA, NB264UAR, NB264UA, NB265UAR, NB265UA, NB266UAR, NB266UA, NB267UA, NB270UAR, NB270UA, NB272UAR, NB272UA, NB273UAR, NB273UA, NJ535UAR, NJ535UA, NJ536UAR, NJ536UA, NJ537UAR, NJ537UA, NJ538UAR, NJ538UA, NL104PA, NL105PA, NL990UAR, NL990UA, NM342UAR, NM342UA, NR380UA, NR647UAR, NR647UA, ZY214UAR, ZY214UA, ZY215UAR, ZY215UA, ZY217UAR, ZY217UA, ZY538UAR, ZY538UA, ZY539UAR, ZY539UA
    HP G60-300 Series Notebooks:HPG60-300, G60-348CA, G60-304CA, G60-324CA, NM337UAR, NM337UA, NM340UAR, NM340UA, NM341UAR, NM341UA
    Gateway MC Series Notebooks:Gateway MC7300, MC7800
    Acer Aspire
    Series Notebooks:Aspire 6920

    Always check inside your laptop LCD screen assembly for the part number before replaceing. Laptop LCD screens may be compatible with other laptops. Laptop Manufacturers may use more than one type of LCD screen even different brand of LCD to install in the same laptop model. Please check with you manufacturere to ensure compatibility.

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