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Q : Why write a review?
A : cizrate.comwants your opinions to be heard! It will be helpful for other buyers when shopping for it.

Q : How do I write a review?
A : It's easy to write a review on the cizrate.com! Simply browse your order list, you can choose which to be reviewed. Open the detail web, click the "Write a Review-" button and you'll be taken to the review form. In order for your review to be published, you need to register with our site.

Q : Are there requirements for writing and posting a review?
A : Our requirements are simple. Just reveal that you are a real person by registering and your review should focus on specific features of our product and your experience with it.

Q : Does the cizrate web site edit reviews?
A : We do not remove reviews from the site unless a review or its author is found to be in violation of the"What not to include".

Q : How long does it take for my review to appear on the Viewpoints web site?
A : Normally we'll read it before and publish it in 24hours.

Q : Do my reviews have to be positive?
A : No, you can write whatever you like at the viewpoints website. We want to hear about both the good and the bad, so please share your experiences honestly.

Q : Can I post more than one review about the same product?
:A : No. A member may only write one review per product or service. If you wish to update your review, please contact us. However, you can write a review for each item you order.

Q : Can I include links in my review?
A : No, you cannot add external links to other sites at this time. Can I review the product if I not buy from this website and can I get the cizrate Points? It's ok, just make sure your review should focus on specific features of the product and your experience with it.


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